• 9/29 @ The Jambalaya - Kate Willet + Allison Mick

    Fresh off her performance at the 4th Annual Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival and touring with Margaret Cho it's Kate Willett with SF's own Allison Mick. Opening from Humboldt are Ivy Vasquez and James Stephen. Hosted by Kim Hodges. $5

  • Lionel Richie – Can’t Slow Down

    Lionel Richie – Can’t Slow Down

    Clyde McFadden, contributor You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you most certainly can judge any Lionel Richie solo adventure by its cover! This masterpiece of love and masculinity served as the soundtrack to my cat Mr. Jigglebeans’ first three months of intensive training as the world’s first grocery-shopping cat. I remember his specially-fitted cat pack full of bananas as he deftly dodged the dangers of 2:00 a.m. city streets while his cassette played Running with the Night. One night, we were chased by a band of hooligans, but thanks to Jigglebeans’ quick thinking, we stumped them in ... Read More »
  • Spliff Moth – Spliff Moth EP

    Spliff Moth – Spliff Moth EP

  • Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

    Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

  • Instagram Letter

    Hello there Thank you so much for replying to my Savage Henry needs via Instagram My collection has only begun at issue # 37 and is consecutive until issue #49. After that I struggled with finding new issues. Managed to find #59 stopping by chance in San Juan. Thank you very much again for taking the time to listen. I am such a huge fan and lover of Savage Henry!!! 😀 you guys are amazing and bring me endless laughs. Amada Read More »
  • Update: High Praise Indeed

  • High Praise, Indeed

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