• Andrew Holmgren Double Dipper!

    Fresh off hosting the Kinane show, Andrew Holmgren comes back for a couple of shows in Humboldt. Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival vets Connor Marshall and John Gallagher also on both shows. Molina and Lockwood open. Stephen hosts. - $5.

  • Tom Rhodes Returns to Humboldt 2/15

    Tom Rhodes is back! Plus Denver Joke Boy Zeke Herrera is coming home for a week of shows and he's on this one too. Rookie sensation Josh Barnes opens the show. Funny radio personality Kim Hodges hosts the show. $10.

  • Sean Patton at Humbrew's 2/17

    Sean Patton (Comedy Central, Fallon, Conan) with Dash Kwiatkowski and Matt Redbeard. Hosted by Dr. Foxmeat. $15.

  • Erik Krasner + Shannon Murphy + Jon Alcabes 2/22 at The Clam

    Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival veteran Erik Krasner, Shannon Murphy and Jon Alcabes come up from the Bay area for a night of jokes. Locals Ivan Mueting and Trevor Lockwood open the show. $5.

  • Dave Stone at The Jam 2/25

    Dave Stone comes to Arcata to perform at the Jambalaya. Dave's been on Last Comic Standing, Squidbillies and Graig Ferguson. Lisa Best is featuring and the show is opened up by John McClurg and Kim Hodges. Hosted by Matt Redbeard. $10

  • Curvy Boys (Gborie + Jay + Miranda) at Clam Beach Tavern 3/7

    The Curvy Boys come the Digger! David Gborie, Sam Jay, Johan Miranda, Matt Redbeard, Trevor Lockwood, Evan Vest. Hosted by Dr. Foxmeat. $5

  • Gborie is Back at The Jam

    The Curviest Curvy Boy, the President and Founder, David Gborie is returning to his home away from home away from home away from home. Humboldt. Also headlining is Sam Jay from NY and Johan Miranda from LA. Locals Dutch Savage and Josh Barnes open. Hosted by Matt Redbeard. $10

  • Nando Molina at The Jam 3/15

    Humboldt's own Nando Molina headlines the Jam. Savage Henry Magazine contributor Tommy Lucero also performs. Tom Connors and Evan Vest open. Pat Dylan hosts. $5

  • The Send St. Patrick Packing Comedy Show at River's Edge 3/18

    Savage Henry Magazine brings its cream of the crop down to Marysville for a night of comedy! Dutch Savage, Matt Redbeard, Joshua Barnes and Dev Richards perform. Chris Durant hosts. $10 - $15 for couples.

  • Ivan Carcia + Pablo Oseguera 3/21 at The Clam

    Ivan's from Austin and Pablo's from the Bay come up to the Digger with jokes. Nando Molina, Tom Connors and Gage Hensley open. Hosted by Josh Duke. $2.

  • Allison Mick + Walker Glenn at The Jam 3/29

    Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival veterans Allison Mick and Walker Glenn from the Bay return to Humboldt for jokes. Locals James Stephen and Gage Hensley open. Ivy Vasquez hosts. $5

  • Ivan Carcia + Pablo Oseguera 3/22 at The Jam

    Austin's Ivan Garcia, The Bay's Pablo Oseguera, Eugene's Terry Geil and locals Sam Greenspan, Matt Redbeard and Ivan Mueting open. Hosted by Dev Richards. $5

  • Kim Hodges Headlines The Jam 4/5

    Local Kim Hodges spreads her comedic wings with a headlining set at the Jam. Featuring Pat Dylan with Sam Greenspan and Jessica Grant opening. Hosted by Nando Molina. $5

  • Carlos Rodriguez + Emma Haney 4/12 at The Jam

    Sacramento comedians Carlos Rodriguez and Emma Haney headline a show at the Jam. Local stalwarts Nando Molin and Josh Duke open. Sam Greenspan hosts. $5

  • Jules Posner at The Digger

    Our good friend Jules Posner returns to Humboldt and kicks off two days with a show at the Digger! Ivan Mueting and James Stephen open. Matt Redbeard hosts. $5

  • Jules Posner at The Jam

    Our good friend Jules Posner comes back to Humboldt for a headlining show at The Jam! Opening for Jules is Dutch Savage and Josh Duke. Josh Barnes hosts. $10

  • Spelling Beer 2 at The Jam

    Come down and win prizes at Savage Henry's Spelling Beer! A Spelling Bee for adults who may or who may not have been drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking medicinal marijuana somewhere nowhere near the venue. Hosted by Sam Greenspan and Judged by Chris Durant and Dutch Savage. Music by Dub Cowboy who will also spin the 1s and 2s after the show for 1s and 2s Day! Hip Hop, Soul and Reggae. $2

  • Savage Henry Podcast Saves Sex-Starved College Student

    You guys … all of you are awesome. An HSU transfer student from The Bay, I thought getting my funny bone tickled would be difficult way up here on this side of the Emerald Curtain – mostly after driving through the gloomy streets of Eureka (I never came up to visit before I moved up here). It was actually quite a miracle I was accepted – pretty sure no other college accepts a student with a less-than-2.0 GPA!!! The fact that I’m in a university at this point of my life, along with your S.H.I.T. ‘zine and probably-never-sober podcasts have …

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