• Irene Tu & Friends 5/3 at The Jam

    Bay area comedians Irene Tu, Adrian McNair and Mark Smalls come up and join locals Evan Vest and Trevor Lockwood. Local Legend Nando Molina hosts. $5

  • Savage Remote - The Savage Henry Documentary Premiere - 5/6

    May 6th - 8P - Arcata Theater Lounge - $10

  • The Tease 5/9 at Tip Top

    Brand new comedy show produced by Savage Henry and Nando Molina at the Fabulous Tip Top Club! Stand-up comedy was born in the burlesque clubs of the 50s, so come check out this throwback comedy show. $12

  • Sac Attack! 5/16 at The Clam Beach Tavern

    Sacramento Comedians Mike Cella, Emma Haney, Alfonso Portela and Jaime Fernandez come up fo a mini tour for two nights. Starting at the Digger. FREE show. Local legend Dr. Foxmeat opens and Matt Redbeard hosts.

  • Sac Attack Part 2! 5/17 at The Jam

    Mike Cella, Emma Haney, Alfonso Portela and Jaime Fernandez from Sacramento end their mini tour with a knock out show at The Jam. Locals Josh Duke and James Stephen open the show. Jessica Grant hosts the show. $5

  • THE SHIT feat FC Sierra & Christopher John

    Our best friends FC Sierra and Christopher John kick off the new show....THE SHIT. Locals Dr. Foxmeat, Trevor Lockwood and Evan Vest open it up. Hosted by Matt Redbeard. $5

  • Dutch Savage Headlines The Jam 6/7

    If there ever was a local comedy OG, it's Dutch Savage. And you can all witness the mastery of Dutch, a Dutch Master if you will. Nando Molina, Josh Barnes and Pat Dylan open. Matt Redbeard hosts. Fun. $5

  • 10390483_10100374740938426_6543186194963008541_n

    In the Kitchen with Danny Palumbo

    “People always ask me how I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey. Vicodin. Every time I wanted a cigarette, I instead had a Vicodin. Then every time I wanted a Vicodin, I had a Vicodin. I like Vicodin.” It’s jokes like that that helped Austin based comic Danny Palumbo win the title of 2015’s “The Funniest Person in Austin.” Sure, comedy competitions are subjective, but still, that’s a pretty fucking cool badge to wear in a city with a big, diverse scene like Austin. Palumbo grew up about an hour outside of Pittsburgh, the city that gave him his start and …

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  • tumblr_nm6r6u0vYa1qztv2io1_1280

    Freeing the Animal – The Sean Patton Interview

  • 11428019_10153143102133145_8811716287076280423_n

    P-P-P-Poker Ace: The Dash Kwiatkowski Interview

  • Savage Henry Podcast Saves Sex-Starved College Student

    You guys … all of you are awesome. An HSU transfer student from The Bay, I thought getting my funny bone tickled would be difficult way up here on this side of the Emerald Curtain – mostly after driving through the gloomy streets of Eureka (I never came up to visit before I moved up here). It was actually quite a miracle I was accepted – pretty sure no other college accepts a student with a less-than-2.0 GPA!!! The fact that I’m in a university at this point of my life, along with your S.H.I.T. ‘zine and probably-never-sober podcasts have …

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  • Update: High Praise Indeed