• Kyle Kinane Live at Humbrew's

    Kyle Kinane is returning to Humboldt for one night only! Dutch Savage and Ivan Mueting open the show. Hosted by our SF pal Andrew Holmgren. Tix only $15.

  • Billy Wayne Davis at The Jam!

    Fresh from headlining the Savage Henry Magazine Comedy Festival in September, Billy Wayne Davis returns for a set at The Jambalaya. Erin Dewey Lennox features and locals Dutch Savage, Matt Redbeard and Josh Barnes open the show. Hosted by Kim Hodges. Tix only $10.

  • 500x500

    Blackheart Honeymoon – Mountains Speak

    Samantha Gilweit, contributor I feel like if you told alt-folk bands that they could no longer use the words, “home,” “road,” and “alone” in their lyrics, most would be totally fucked. I am happy to say that Blackheart Honeymoon is a refreshing exception. Finally a country/rock/folk indie band that I can listen to without feeling the need to take a sea voyage, make organic moonshine, or grow obnoxious facial hair. Mountains Speak is an album, while definitely in the alt/indie vein, still completely sincere in its pop and folk roots. A little like the Decemberists, but without all the annoying …

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  • 620Dam-Funk artwork

    Dam-Funk Invite the Light

  • tmoe_coverart_sq-e68bed2c7b94efc7705b69a3e7abf54e3dec2d01-s300-c85

    The Tallest Man on Earth – Dark Bird Is Home

  • Instagram Letter

    Hello there Thank you so much for replying to my Savage Henry needs via Instagram My collection has only begun at issue # 37 and is consecutive until issue #49. After that I struggled with finding new issues. Managed to find #59 stopping by chance in San Juan. Thank you very much again for taking the time to listen. I am such a huge fan and lover of Savage Henry!!! 😀 you guys are amazing and bring me endless laughs. Amada

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  • Update: High Praise Indeed

  • High Praise, Indeed